Tarot Meditation: The World

Posted: November 11, 2016 in Spiritual Journey


So we come to the end of our tour of the Major Arcana. The central figure of the world is a naked female who is bearing two wands. The wand only really features in the Magicin card right at the beginning so here we have, perhaps, a more senior, more accomplished symbol. Looking at the way the figure stands, she could be dancing, or perhaps lying supine on a blue floor. Then again she could be floating in mid air. The way her legs are crossed is similar to the Hanged Man and, were it not for the amazing gravity defying boobs, she could be hanging upside down. She’s surrounded by a ring of leaves that evokes the imagery of a magic circle and in the four corners of the card are four different creatures. An eagle, a lion, a bull and a person (possibly male?). The first two fit very nicely with representations of air and fire. Leaving, I suppose, the bull and the person to cover water and earth? Except I’m not quite sure which way around they would go, nor what particular traits join them to these elements (alternatively there could be no elemental symbolism and perhaps I’m just trying too hard.


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