Tarot Meditation: Judgment

Posted: November 7, 2016 in Spiritual Journey


There’s something very ‘off’ about this card. And it’s not just the sickly grey-green colour of the people in it, although that certainly is part of it. So, what we have is a scene of the last judgment, judgment day, the rapture, whatever you wish to call it. But all the people in the scene are rising from their graves. Including the children, and the adults don’t appear very old. This is rather odd and gives an unpleasant hint that something has happened to kill people before their time. The colour of their skin is the same as the tombs they are emerging from and the clouds of the angel (and in my printed card, very very similar to the mountains in the background). This links the image of the resurrected people to the cold hard stone. You very much get the impression that you wouldn’t want to touch them, that they will be cold, clammy, other.

The other really ‘other’ thing about this card is the look of joy on the faces of the resurrected. Everyone’s arms outstretched and gleeful, which feels very odd when you consider the title of the card. I think it’s fair to say that anyone who says they’re looking forward to judgment day (or the zombie apocalypse etc…) kind of automatically assumes which side of things they’ll be on. Personally I’ve no delusions and know I’m the chap who’ll be clubbed to death with a tin of baked beans outside a burning supermarket on day two of the apocalypse…

So welcoming judgment feels strange to me, perhaps adding to the sensation of separation. The dead have nothing else to aspire to or await, so judgment becomes welcome? It’s also worth noting that this card echoes the form of the Lovers (big bloody winged angel looming over people) with perhaps implications of what love inevitably leads to. It also sits in a very different place to Justice. If I were to draw a line between the tow I’d put Justice as being a practical, physical, real world card; whereas Judgment has echoes of being called to account on more spiritual matters.


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