Tarot Meditation: The Sun

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Tarot

RWS_Tarot_19_SunI’ve been reluctant to write about this card for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’m ashamed to admit that, during my week of carrying this card with me, I managed to lose it. I was bustling through Victoria station when it managed to slip from my pocket. I realised only as I was approaching the ticket barrier and had to make a split-second choice between retracing my steps through the rush hour crowd looking for it, or dashing for the next train. I chose the train; and feel it was the wrong decision. My deck now has no The Sun card, but two Judgments… a fitting penalty?

My reluctance goes beyond this though. I think in part it’s also because the one thing this card screams to me is “parenthood”. I oscillate between indifference and strong aversion to the idea of having children, which echoes in my personal life, but that’s material for another post. So, in this card, beyond the obvious young child (boy or girl? It’s impossible to say) we have the watchful face of the sun and the horse. This strikes me as being a sort of dualism fo parenthood, the radiant life giver and protector combined with the downtrodden dutiful labourer who must carry the child through life, unseen, uncelebrated. Is it any coincidence that the horse is grey and blurs into the background wall behind it?

Obvious symbolism is the sun (duh) and the sunflowers. Numbers fetishists (again, I have a whole separate post on that subject) can note that there are eleven straight beams and ten wiggly beams coming out of the sun. The only other thing I’d add is something that I missed for a while. The huge rippling orange/red banner is actually being held up by the child. It’s surprising to see so small a figure carrying such a big standard, and I can;t help but feel there’s parenthood symbolism here too, about the burden of identity every child is born with.


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