Tarot Meditation: The Star

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Spiritual Journey

RWS_Tarot_17_StarMoving on from the Major Arcana’s dumping ground we now begin the astrological section with The Star. I’ll admit that this was a tough one for me, I struggled to grasp the import of what is here depicted and would heartily suggest looking elsewhere to find commonly accepted meanings. Nevertheless, there are a few thoughts. Once again we have a naked figure. These are relatively few in the arcana, and this is the first that is actively doing something. Kneeling down the figure is staring intently as it carefully pours water both over land and over a pool. Eight eight-pointed stars appear overhead and behind the figure is a tree with an exotic bird sitting in it. So much for the card’s contents. There are echoes of Temperance here, with the figure wielding two cups of water and being placed with one foot on land and one on (or in?) water. But where Temperance appears to stand above, detached and not plunging wholly into the water, The Star is bent low, seemingly almost diving into the pool, her cups are upturned, giving the water to land and sea.

So what do I see here? I see intent, attention, giving and an eagerness to push deeper into something.


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