Tarot Meditation: The Devil

Posted: March 26, 2016 in Tarot

RWS_Tarot_15_DevilSo, The Devil, again, a card that is difficult to write about because so much has already been written, but nevertheless, here’s some possibly new thoughts.

The most striking thing for me about this card is the ehoes of other Major Arcana cards in it. Most obviously it reflects The Lovers, with two naked figures, male and female on opposite sides of the card with an angelic being hovering over the pair of them. Again the figure on the left is associated with nature and life, whereas the one on the right is associated with fire. The figure of the devil himself echoes various others, his hand is raised in giving a sign or blessing like the Heirophant, and his hands pointing alternately both up and down is like the Magus right at the beginning. Here is a religious figure, here is human interaction and here is the magic user, possibly at some later point of his journey. It’s commonly assumed that The Devil represents a foe or obstacle to be overcome, it’s much rarer to have people see that they themselves could be the devil.


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