Tarot Meditation: Wheel of Fortune

Posted: January 21, 2016 in Tarot

RWS_Tarot_10_Wheel_of_FortuneI think my favourite thing about this card is the thing that escaped me until sitting down to meditate on it. That is, that the four figures in the corners of the card are all engrossed in books. Not only that but the cow and lion in the bottom corners appear particularly relaxed, lounging with a good book in front of them. Surely this is my idea of heaven, either that one ascends to a divine plane when reading, or perhaps just that heaven for me would be having the time and space to happily read everything in my ever-growing pile of books.

Moving further in, there are three figures arranged around the circle in the middle. A very happy looking snake wiggles down one side while, on the other, a human figure with a dog’s head appears to be drifting slowly upwards. The figure and the position all reminds me of swimming, of being naked in the water and again this gives the feeling of relaxation, almost of frolicking. Atop the circle sits a sphinx holding a sword. Except it’s only very lightly holding it and handling it by the blade rather than the hilt, suggesting it’s not really planning on using it for anything and indeed it may well be blunt.

The circle itself contains the letters T-A-R-O (spelling Tarot, but also “Rota” in fact if one is so inclined a reversal can conjure the palindrome “Rotator” from the wheel relatively easily). There are also four hebrew letters and several planetary or alchemical symbols. I could look these up but, then again, so can you. But at the end of the day that’s not my intent with these exercises, and I’m quite sure that other people have talked ad nauseam about the specific meanings of the symbols.

In summary, yes the wheel of fortune is a card of change and activity, but more than that, it gives me the impression of leisure, exercise and quiet reflection.


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