Posted: December 12, 2015 in Spiritual Journey

This is a post about drop. Or to give it a fuller name sub-drop. If you’ve no idea what I mean then by all means go and google it, it’s a similar phenomenon to con-drop and is best summarised as feeling really shit after doing something awesome. Not immediately afterwards, but a day or two later. When you’re back at work and life doesn’t quite seem to make sense and you would be fine if you could just get over that feeling that if a too-strong gust of wind comes along you might actually break down in tears.

There are ways of handling it, and I’m very much open to hearing of more, different and better approaches. For myself what tends to work best is naming the sensation, acknowledging that I feel crap and might not be thinking straight, and taking it as an “excuse” to do some good self-care (often involving ice-cream and pizza).

I got to thinking this week about why it happens, on a more spiritual level than endorphins and that going to work always kind of sucks on a Monday. Most magical practice incorporates some element of raising power. Power that can then be directed to an end (very often healing). Given so many similarities exist between the different activities I engage in (kink, magic, martial arts) I’d expect there to be similar experiences of drop right? Wrong. After a thorough training session I’ll be stiff for a couple of days, but that’s just a physical pain. And after a ritual I’m usually relaxed and filled with a feeling fo contentment that will gradually drift but doesn’t leave me crashed and curled up in the foetal position.

Is it just that I take kink to a different level, expose myself to something darker, deeper, than with other activities?

More importantly I guess is ‘does it make me want to stop?’

The answer is no. Even if I find no better way of handling it, I will survive, and keep on exploring this path for the wonders it holds.

And not all tears are bad.


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