Tarot Meditation: The Empress

Posted: December 1, 2015 in Spiritual Journey

RWS_Tarot_03_EmpressThe single most overwhelming impression I get of this card is one of  relaxation, comfort and informality. Unlike various of the seated figures depicted in the major Arcana, the Empress sits at an angle, rather than facing us head-on. This gives the suggestion that I have perhaps come upon her unannounced, or at the very least not from a normal route. This impression is furthered by the strip of corn across the bottom of the card, am I approaching through a field rather than down a path?

The Empress sits on cushions and drapes and seems to be reclining ever so slightly. Her clothes are soft, flowing and give the distinct impression of a night-dress. There are red flowers, possibly roses on the dress, although they also put me in mind of ladybirds.It’s perhaps worth noting that roses have thorns and ladybirds are notorious for being able to deliver vicious bites for such a small creature. By her feet rests a heart-shaped object, which puts me in mind of the body of an instrument, a guitar or lute. Within the heart is a cross and circle in the conventional symbol for female (and the masculine-feminine aspects requires a lengthy blog post all of its own for me to fully express my views). The circular part of the symbol is green and always puts me in mind of an apple; certainly that would fit with the rest of the card which features corn, flowers and trees in abundance.

The Empress carries a short gold staff. I’m unsure what the symbolism of this is, but she only holds one item, and this is small, again adding to the feeling that this card is less formal than most. She wears a crown and above the crown sit twelve stars. The significance of twelve (especially for a figure strongly associated with the feminine) needs little explanation. Or rather dwelling on it just seems dull. What I will say is that the stars add to a feeling of being outside, in a field surrounded by trees, watching the stars appear at night. And so it comes back again to a feeling of relaxation for me and informality in that this card feels most in tune with being outside rather than surrounded by human creations.


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