Posted: November 25, 2015 in Spiritual Journey
Last night we made magic.
Not in the way some might expect. We didn’t cast a circle or chant in arcane tongues, but it was magic nonetheless.
Crowley defines magic as causing change in conformance with will. You said to me, “be naked” and I was. We made the space sacred, made that power together. Every word, every action, every shy averted gaze raising power, making the unreal real.
Our instruments weren’t sword and chalice but flogger and cane; our titles “Mistress” and “Boy”;
And in this place there was no god or goddess, only us, or the idea of us. We donned roles like a costume, recited lines that became more than that. Breathed life into something that wasn’t real; but rather something we could treat as if it were real.
And then there was wine and cakes.

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