Tarot Meditation: SURPRISE!

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Tarot

In one of the not so good books out there on Tarot, I encountered a calculation for determining which major arcana card corresponds to a calendar year for a person based upon their date of birth. As always the proof of the model is in its effectiveness and I’ve found the cards for last year and this year to be remarkably accurate. I recently calculated that my card for next year will be XI Justice. A few days after running the calculation (and with a further complication that will be the subject of a separate post) I put on my suit jacket cor the first time in about six months and, checking the pockets, found a Justice card in the chest pocket. This wasn’t from my deck, but from a tarot event at Treadwells earlier in the year.

Sometimes, frankly, the universe isn’t even subtle.

RWS_Tarot_11_JusticeA figure, possibly female (I’m not great at telling in some of these illustrations) sits on a raised stone dais. She is clad in blood-red robes with a cloak about her shoulders. Behind her stand two plain stone pillars and between them is draped another red cloth (of slightly different shade). The overall impression is of a scene that’s cold, plain and functional but contrasted with utter violence. In the figure’s right hand is a cross-guarded sword. It’s held upright and is so long it protrudes beyond the top of the image. The sword must be heavy, entering the scene I see the arm holding it tremble with strain, the tip wavers back and forth in an unstable equilibrium, ready to fall any moment. A pair of scales hangs from the figure’s left hand. Again this sits in equilibrium, in balance, but in a much gentler fashion. The left hand is relaxed, almost limp. The figure wears a crown of a rough blocky design with three towers or turrets visible and a single stone at the front. Again this gives the impression of authority and simplicity. The figure is also (unlike some depictions of justice) not blindfolded. She looks right at you.

My impressions are of a stern and severe authority. A firm but fair approach that has no time for anything other than the simple truth of a matter. inevitably this also embodies many of the aspects I think of with regard to kink and the kind of person I would be happy to submit to. It is the person who will absolutely call you on your bullshit. It’s scary, and potentially painful. But also so very very necessary.

One last thought. Justice is almost exclusively looking to the past, a holding to account of what has come before. This is an important part of development because otherwise we are free to repeat our mistakes endlessly. But as it only looks to the past, it cannot be the whole picture. So we have Justice as an absolute necessity, but only one part of a whole.

As for what this means for my coming year? I’m unsure. Perhaps the backwards looking nature of this card means that it will only truly make sense to me in hindsight.


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