Tarot Meditation: The Magician

Posted: October 14, 2015 in Tarot


The Magician stands behind a table upon which are placed a wand, cup, pentacle and sword. The items, in particular the way the sword and wand hang with ends over the edge of the table, look like they’ve been placed there ready for imminent use. Above and below the magician are plants with flowers growing in seeming abundance. The flowers above are red, below are both red and white (matching the colours of the magician’s clothing). The magician stands with his right hand holding a white double-pointed item (I would say wand, but not a wand as is seen in the rest of the deck) raised upwards. His left hand points downwards. This is a reflection of a basic principle even I’ve heard of “as above so below”. His hand that points down is empty, using just the finger, whereas the hand gesturing upwards has a wand or some other implement, perhaps for channeling energy? To me this speaks of not needing something special in order to connect with the energies of the material plain, i.e. of the earth.

The magician is crowned and above his head sits an infinity loop. Although it also looks like a twisted form of a halo. Most striking to me is his youthful appearance. His expression seems calm and certain. I recall that this card comes immediately after the Fool, and begs the question whether this is the fools next step, So the magician isn’t necessarily the master, but he either believes he is or aspires to be. So in some ways this card could represent youthful pride and arrogance. I’ve certainly had this card come up reversed in spreads relating to situations where I was in way above my head on something.

The term magician conjures two ideas. First is the “magician’s apprentice” and the downfall of arrogance as discussed briefly above. The other is ‘illusionist’, i.e. to the vocabulary I had as a child, a magician was one who tricked people, albeit for entertainment. In these ways the term magician seems very far removed from the term “Magus”.

So perhaps then our next step is a brief word of warning, of having all the gear but no idea, of the dangers of a little knowledge.


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