Tarot Meditation: The Fool

Posted: October 5, 2015 in Spiritual Journey, Tarot

As part of some ongoing work I’m looking at the Major Arcana cards. Last week was card 0, “The Fool”


The fool stands atop a clifftop. No, not stands, strides forwards towards a precipice. His eyes are raised high, seeing only the distant horizon. The sun is at his back, casting the landscape before him into deep shaddow, valleys, gulfs and voids, none of which he sees. Or rather he sees but doesn’t take in. Before him is a void, a space and he embraces it whole-heartedly.

The fool begins his journey high in the hills, snowy peaks surround him and the ground is barren and rocky. He carries a flower and a bindle, neither of which are signifficant burdens, each held loosely in his grasp and thrust behind him, out of sight. A dog yips at his heels, but it’s unclear whether it is to warn him of his coming fall or in playful banter with his companion.

I enter the card but cannot reach the figure, there is a gulf between us, the cliff edge on which he stands cuts sharply across between us. The Fool will follow his path and there is no way to stop him.

This is how our journey begins, eyes set on a distant goal, oblivious to the thousand and one obstacles in the path. With a light burden, a good companion and the sun out our backs.


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