If you go down to the woods…

Posted: September 28, 2015 in Spiritual Journey

Thoughts I have had during the last few days:

“Sodding elderberries! These really are the true masochist’s fruit!”

“I mean, ok, maybe they’re not quite as bad as black currants, I mean at least elderberries come in bunches.”

“Bugger me! Why are all these spiders so flipping huge!”

“How awkward; I couldn’t help that man who asked me if I knew how to identify mushrooms.”

“But on the other hand, I clearly look like I know what I’m doing, which is good I suppose.”

“These berries look a bit different… I’ll leave them but take a picture and google them later.”

“I should buy a ladder.”

“Holy fuck, highly toxic! yeah, glad I left them berries alone… But I’m pretty sure the rest are all ok… I think.”

“I’m sure that man just wanted to know about mushrooms for entirely legitimate reasons.”

“How much fruit do you need to make a bottle of wine?”

“Maybe I should buy some stilts…”

“Or try to make my arms longer.”

“I’m fairly sure that chap was interested in mushrooms for entirely legitimate reasons…”


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