Fuko Gammae

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Spiritual Journey

iaigoshi Tanaka

I was about to start this post off with a “I don’t usually write about my personal life…” but had to quash a belly laugh. No, that’s precisely what I do, and it’s precisely what this blog is here for.

So here’s some stuff about me you may not know:

About a year and a quarter ago I went through a pretty major change in my life. A positive change (though it felt pretty awful at the time) and one that opened up lots of doors for my personal development. It saw me getting involved in the kink community, finding new friendships and exploring my spiritual aspect more (something I had left untended for far too long).

I had made myself a hole, an escape, a little place that I could get away from the world outside and crawl under the covers and make everything shut the hell up for a while. It was what I needed. But, like a hermit crab, I outgrew it. The safe little burrow has now become something oppressive, a dark, dank space that isn’t big enough for me to invite in the people I want to, the people I care about.

So I’m moving.

I’m not sure where yet, almost certainly still in the capital and I have a few feelers out. But I’m not looking for much, just somewhere I can see the sun or lie in bed listening to the rain on a wet Sunday.

To quote from Batman Begins (that great philosophical masterpiece):

“Why do we fall down? So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up.”


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