Unvarnished Thought

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Spiritual Journey

All is movement, all life is movement.

In Kempo, the art is all movement, the block only lasts as long as the limbs are moving, the strikes only given effect by the momentum. Yes there is stillness, but stillness is still a counter-point to movement, the yinyang.

All movement is only defined by that which limits it. In Kempo it is limited by the purpose, by the effectiveness and by the skill of the kenshi. In shibari it is the limit of the interaction between top and bottom, and between both and the rope. To struggle against the bonds, to sink heavily into a suspension, to pull steadily as it burns through the fingers is as much a dance as it is anything else.

In rituals it is also all in movement, in acting, in turning a cognition, a well realised or well understood idea in the head into one understood by the body. Ken zen ichi nyo, the body and mind are one.

What then of ecstatic dancing? Is this then movement without limit, without balance? Perhaps, but then isn’t that just one more place on the spectrum of freedom and constraint?


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