Posted: February 23, 2015 in Spiritual Journey

So, I run two blogs. But it surprises me how often a conversation that should provide fuel for one actually ends up spawning a post on the other.

“There are these words, these little sayings that we use over and over again until they become mantras of our lives,” said a friend. We were talking about the litany of fear from frank Herbert’s dune series and how those few lines transcend a classic piece of sci-fi and can have real spiritual meaning for someone in everyday life.

“Yes and that, in a nutshell,” I said, finger raised and a twinkle in my eye, “is magic.”

I feel I should expound on that a little and stress that I don’t think that what my friend said counts as an overall definition of magic, but rather that the idea they summed up was definitely a magical thing, a kernel of magical thought.

This led me on to a slightly different train of thought. What is magic? I don;t have an answer or even a working principle at the moment, But coming back to fundamentals. What I can do is avoid certain things. Specifically I do not accept the idea that ‘magic’ is simply that which cannot be explained by science. To ascribe to that creates a fundamentally impermanent state of affairs and further suggests that magic ceases to have any value once a scientific explanation is provided.

For example, I use tarot cards. I can apply a scientific explanation for the efficacy of their use quite readily (random brain stimuli, and the idea that the range of interpretations allows me to more easily access my subconscious). But that doesn’t really matter. that’s not why I do it. why I do it is because I get something out of it and to make a ‘mysticism of the gaps’ strikes me as unsatisfying on every level.


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